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If you are looking for Kroger Feedback Survey then you have ended up at the right place. Here we will share all the essential details which are related to Kroger feedback Survey and win gift cards, grocery cards, plus card, 50 fuel points, and digital coupons. You can provide your precious feedback on the official website but this requires certain steps which should be taken care in order to deliver a successful feedback on the website www krogerfeedback com.

kroger feedback Survey

Kroger Feedback Survey at

Customers reviews and feedback plays an important rule to improve the company and they make sure every customer provide their feedback through different surveys. And they also give us option to win money prize of $5,000 on grocery gift cards. Kroger having some rules which every person who want to enter the survey must need to follow. You must be at least 18 years old.

Kroger Survey all the time offers and entertains you with amazing surprise and gift, as one of the best supermarket chain of United States of America, Kroger deliver lottery, gift card, prize money, fuel points and many more to their customers for their honest feedback and for their loyalty.

You can provide your feedback on krogerfeedback/com and this will let you win stunning surprises which you won’t ever get anywhere else. This year it has been announced that the sweepstakes lottery will be worth $5000 prize money and gift card as well as fuel points.

Kroger Super Market Store Login

After knowing about everything like prize money and how to do survey online at kroger stores. Now the main question is Kroger login. Well, you have account to do anything like giving your feedback and want to win the prize money and want to do shopping online too. The steps are very easy.You must have a valid log or a phone number which you can use during sign up because it’s important to make account. Fill the form with name, address, and email. They will send you a verification email which you have to accept. After this you can easily log in with email and password.

How To Participate in Kroger Feedback Survey

Once you fulfill all the requirements which are asked by them Contest, then you just need all of the details with you. Follow the following procedure to log on to the official website, by clicking on the link which is provided below, you will be redirected to the page which says Customer Satisfaction Survey Page.

  • Be ready with all of the essential details which is required to enter in the Contest.
  • Log on to the official website for Contest, the link of the same is provided below.
  • As you will reach the homepage of the official website, fill up the details which are asked such as receipt number, entry ID, and provide the date of your recent visit to your nearest Kroger Supermarket Store, or in case you have done an online shopping provide the essential details of it.
  • As you will submit all the details provided by you, the survey will begin and a questionnaire will appear in front of you, start answering all the question which are displayed in front of you by selecting the most appropriate correct answer.
  • As you will be done with the questionnaire, you have to provide your honest review as per the loyal customer of Kroger Supermarket Store.
  • Also, you can provide any positive or negative review if you wish to, it is not necessary to provide a positive review just keep in mind the review and feedback should be loyal and valuable at the same time.
  • As you are done with everything, like answering all the questions and providing a loyal and valuable feedback you have successfully participate.

As soon as all the reviews and feedbacks are obtained by the Kroger Super Market Store Company by their participants, all the feedbacks and reviews will be verified by the genuine reviews and they will then decide who will win the contest and the prize which is offered by them. All the comments, reviews and feedbacks are kept private till the store announced their official result.

Tricks to Grab Fuel Points

Who doesn’t want to win free fuel points with the help of Kroger Feedback survey? But this things can be easier for you if you know some of the basic tricks and few honorable knowledge about filling the customer satisfaction feedback forms which are present at the store.

Well! No need to worry if you have no idea about the feedback points, because we will grant you some of the most useful information with the help of which you can grab free fuel points which are provided. Just follow the easy steps which are provided below, but you need to be very lucky to win the $5000 Cash prize, but these steps will guarantee your free Kroger fuel.

  • All the participants should be 18 years old or above in order to participate
  • As per the terms and conditions provided by them, you should be having a receipt which should be valid for 7 days in order to participate in the survey.
  • To enter the sweepstakes, you need to have a shopping receipt which should be not older than 7 days.
  • Look whether you have an active internet connection with no interruption and log on
  • Write your review and feedback on the appropriate column which is provided in order to complete survey successfully.

Sweepstakes Rules

In order to participate in the Kroger Feedback survey you have to follow the sweepstakes rules and regulation, without it you are not eligible for the survey. Anyone who wants to participate in it must be 18 year old or above and they will allow you to win many exiting gifts and prices.

However still there are some of the important points which should be taken care in order to successfully participate in themonthly sweepstakes. You’re most recent receipt from obtained from the Kroger Supermarket store should not exceed 7 days. Also, to check whether your receipt is valid for the participating in the contest, you need to visit the nearest their supermarket store.

In any case you have cleared all these situation easily you are eligible for participating the contest which is organized by them, you have all of your essential details with and so now you can post your feedback by just logging on to the official website that is If you satisfy all the requirements which are asked by them super market then you can check out the correct procedure in which you can successfully participate for the Kroger feedback request.

Win Fuel Points at Kroger Feedback

Kroger basically provides two types of fuel points that is Kroger 50 Fuel Points and Kroger Bonus Fuel Points.

They provides Kroger fuel points which is offered with the help of Kroger feedback, Kroger offers various services to their customers and the company releases free money contest to their loyal customers by participating Kroger Feedback contest. Any participant who wins the contest and claims to be the winner of $5000 cash prize, also all other participants can get gift cards as well as 50 fuel points are generated by each.

Participating in the Kroger Feedback survey is quite easy, but in order to know all the prize worth of the winning and earning participating fuel points you need to check it out on the official website of the Kroger Super Market store that is

Kroger is one of the largest and high rated grocery store of the nation and is providing customer satisfaction since many decades, there are around 2778 Kroger Super market store located all over the United states of America, with a massive number of employees providing the best services each and every day.

However, giving away free fuel points is never the motto of the Kroger Super Market store, but the real motto is maintaining their stability at the top position and providing quality product, customer satisfaction and best of the best services all the time. The company have started these contest recently in order to create an excitement in their loyal customers and also getting valuable feedbacks for improve their services, quality of goods and providing the best in a better way.

Kroger Stores Near Me

Kroger have different super market stores in different cities and a lot of people know about them. But if you are the one who read about them first time and want to visit them then visit the nearest store availble in your city. Click here to get Kroger near me

Kroger Customer Service

They are providing great customer support as they know they have to answer every single question ask by the customers. You can contact them any time because they are provide 24/7 customer support. You can call them on official support numbers and also email them. They also provide online chat that means you can do chat with them and ask them your question regarding anything to this survey, shopping or anything you like to ask.

Kroger Customer Survey

Kroger Feedback Winners

They are not just set this money prize to attract people but they also give the surprise money of $5000. You can simply visit their official page to see who win the latest prize of money. And you also try it. Because luck is luck maybe you get the chance to win this time. Try it.

Important Details:

Official WebsiteClick Here
Kroger Store HoursSunday to Saturday : 6 AM to Midnight
Kroger Pharmacy Store HoursSunday : 11 AM to 6 PM
Monday to Friday : 9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday : 9 AM to 6 PM
Customer Support Number1-800-576-43770

Final Verdict:

This guide totally focuses on Kroger Feedback Survey:, all the provided information is up to date, participant can follow the above steps and successfully enter in the contest. In case of any queries hit the comment section below and we will get back to you with your solution ASAP.

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